Belgium: Capital of Food and Creations

Ah, good old Belgium and its wide array of delicious waffles that almost everyone would crave. Being one of their most iconic food items in the United States, many would think that we already know everything about the Belgian waffles (that they’re waffles and from Belgium). Well, dear audience, here’s the reality. Belgium waffles are actually nothing like the ones served on a big platter at your local IHOP. Instead, the original Exif_JPEG_PICTUREwaffles that the American version was based off of was actually known as the Brussels waffles instead. Although the waffle had a plain version, the whipped cream and strawberries toppings became a big hit in Belgium. But, as a street food, the way of eating the waffles with one’s bare hands still stayed the same. But let’s not forget the other kind of waffle that is less known, but equally as good. Introducing the Liege waffle, liege_waffle_gaufre_de_liege_2though it may take more time for one to like, it is pretty unique in its own way. Consisting of the tougher dough and pearl sugars, this waffle is a denser and sweeter cousin of the Brussels waffle. Some prefer the Brussels waffle while others prefer the Liege, it depends on what your tastes revolve around. So, to my fellow Americans, next time you see the Americanized Belgian waffles smothered in pounds of syrup with chocolate add ons, let’s remember the good old original.
Since, we’ve already explored all about the wonders of Belgian’s waffles, we’re going to head onwards to the more scientific side (which is cool!). Though science is definitely not the favorite subject of many, everyone knows of the Big Bang Theory. If you don’t, well, it imageswould be something cool to know of just in case you want to bounce off a fun fact once in awhile. Anyways, going on to one of the most known theories of the world, the founder of this statement was from Belgium! Not only that, but it was from a Roman catholic priest whose church accepted his scientific and applied it to their studies as well. Wow, Lemaître really chose the right path to go down! Other than that, I just thought it was pretty cool to know that the origin of the theory that is mentioned everything, but probably not looked into as much!


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