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Australia: The Wildest Zoo

Now as we all may know Australia for, the place is filled with kangaroos, alligators, and vegemite. Along with a friendly slap on the back and the occasion “G’day, mate” being said to each other, Australia is absolutely delightful. But, I’m not here to talk about all of the great things about Australia and its uniqueness to the world; that’s what Katherine is doing. Here, we’re going to be exploring the craziness and uniqueness of their animals in both the cool, the cute and the questionable. Of course, this is just a small part of Australia and these animals don’t represent the entire country/continent so don’t take this list too seriously. But still, with some of the people that live with these animals daily, Australians are topping the list for the most hardcore people. With that, let’s go head first into one of their most interesting topics, birds.

Well, of course there are birds all over the world, but I’m not talking about the cute little pigeons and doves. Here in northern Australia is the beloved cassowary. At first glance, downloadthis large turkey might look friendly and affectionate, they are actually very timid and the world’s most dangerous bird. Sporting a “pointed helmet” on top of its head as well
as attacking with its powerful and swift kicks, whoever messes with this big bird is in for a long ride. In reality, the cassowary can grow up to 2 whole meters and over 60 kilograms! Wow! It’s somewhat like an ostrich but always ready to fight and a lot more hazardous to humans. Well, that’s the whole premise to the Australian “big bird” but as long as you don’t bother them, they’ll most likely leave you alone.

This is where the crazy birds of Australia come into play, ah yes, the magpies. So, there is downloadsuch thing as a magpie swooping season that comes every year to Australia during the months of September and October. During these months, these hectic birds will swoop down everyday and attack humans, especially aiming for their eyes. First of all, what on earth? Apparently the large alligators and sharks that find their way into Australia’s waters bussy-magpie-1wasn’t bad enough but now, even their skies aren’t safe. While Australians work to watch out and warn others of magpie sightings, many use a very unique technique to ward off magpies. This involves wearing a helmet with a bunch of twigs or cables sticking out and goggles to prevent magpies from puncturing one’s eyes. Ouch. I mean, it may look a bit unusual to foreigners at first, but hey, it keeps away the magpies at least.

As we’ve passed the crazy and the cool sections of Australia’s diverse variations of crab-bridgeanimals, it’s time to end off with the cute. Starring the little red crabs of Christmas Island, about 120 million of them have an annual migration to the ocean taking place around January. Though this traffic of the mob of crabs migrating causes streets to be shut down for a while, the residents don’t mind. They go to support these crabs, building bridges and tunnels for the crabs safely to their destinations as well as guidance by rangers. How cute! And so, the annual migration of the red crabs continues on without a bother.


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