Australia – To Travel or Not to Travel?

Australia is an island, a country, and a continent. It is considered to be a part of the southern Pacific Ocean and is neighbored by other islands, including New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, and Indonesia. It is home to a population of roughly 23 million people and is considered sparsely populated. The country has been a popular destination for tourists of all kinds for many years. It has a lot to offer tourists, but sometimes, the media often portrays the country in a bad light. AU5Internet media companies like Buzzfeed describe Australia as a land infested with venomous snakes and spiders, crawling with crocodiles, and overrun with animals that make up your worst nightmares. Pictures online show pythons swallowing crocodiles whole and spiders making nests out of your electrical outlets. From what the media sometimes portrays, people start to believe that traveling to Australia would result in encountering dangerous animals at every turn. The negative view of Australia causes people to overlook all the other factors that make Australia such a popular destination for tourists.

While Australia has its own share of dangerous animals, there isn’t as much need to worry about them as you may think. It’s always important to follow the precautions suggested and to watch out for safety signs and warnings. When you are out on a hike, wear the proper attire and protective footwear. If you happen to be bitten by a spider or snake, you should immediately have it seen by a medical professional. According to the official Australian tourism website, “deaths from snake bites are extremely rare and there have been few deaths from spider bites since anti venoms were made available in 1981.” While there may be dangerous animals present, it isn’t likely that you will be harmed or that death will befall you if you follow warning signs and use your common sense.

Other than its known dangerous animals, Australia is also home to quite extraordinary animals like the kangaroo, koala, and many more. A great place to see these magnificent animalsAU3 up close would be Australia’s Kangaroo Island. With so many opportunities to explore the wilderness, Kangaroo Island is heaven for many animal lovers. Located on the south coast of Kangaroo Island would AU2be the Seal Bay Conservation Park. In this conservation park, you are given the chance to walk among the endangered Australian sea lions and learn more about their kind. One of the best places to spot koalas in their natural habitat on the island would be the Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. To see kangaroos and wallabies, you can visit reserves like the Kelly Hill Conservation Park. Several rare birds that you may not find anywhere else call Australia home. You can see birds like the Glossy Black Cockatoo at parks like the Lathami Conservation Park.

If you’re not a big nature lover and are more of a fan of an urban lifestyle, Australia has wonderful cities that are sure to cater to you and your needs. Popular cities in Australia AU1include Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. All the cities of Australia have interesting activities for you to experience and discover. For example, in the city of Melbourne, you can visit wineries, shop at local markets or at expensive boutiques till you drop, or dine at the city’s finest restaurants. To find out more about what you can do in some of Australia’s most popular destinations, you can visit their official Australian tourism website.

Overall, Australia is a wonderful, beautiful country to visit and tour. Don’t let the negative outlooks on the country completely persuade you to stray away from this extraordinary country. All countries can be dangerous in many ways, so it is important as tourists and visitors to respect given warnings and to follow precautions. Also, remember that just because you there for fun does not mean you should leave your common sense at home.


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