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Thailand: (Sugar?) Spice and Everything Nice

Now you all may know Thailand as the country with many temples or land of a thousand smiles, which is pretty true as it goes. However, there is so much inside the depths of Thailand that is ready to be explored. But, before we start, let’s add in a little fun fact to set things off. So, I recently found out that Thailand was the only South-Asian country to never be conquered and colonized by the Europeans. That’s pretty cool to think about especially since Thailand’s name literally means “land of the free”; it has always held up its freedom and independence. Okay enough of that, let’s go onwards to the main part!

With that, this time we’ll be looking at the fun factors and facts of Thailand starting with one of their more known image of spicy food. Now there may be the occasional high spice levels in a chili in America or so, but Thailand is no joke when it comes to the spice levels. Although there are many dishes in Thailand that aren’t pa59f5a466b5de6318f9a5cd97bdf411adin-inducing spicy, the ones that are considered to be authentic spicy cuisines are some to be cautious of. One of the more popular peppers of Thailand, which is the Thai dragon pepper, is included in many dishes of theirs. This pepper may look simply stunning with its candy-apple shade of red and in most cases, the spicy kick it gives to the dishes really shines through. But, inside this pepper taste has the potential of giving someone a view of heaven, possibly literally, depending on their spice tolerance. Although its spice units are as high as some of the other peppers found around the world, it still is around 40 times hotter than a jalapeño. For me, who is a big fan of spicy foods, this pepper has me a bit hesitant to think about trying it. For those who have tried it, I applaud you and for those who enjoy the taste of these peppers, kudos to you! But, this doesn’t mean that I’m trying to promote the consumption of these peppers. Better to pass of the pain of trying the pepper if you’re unsure of your spice tolerance, right?
Tourists_at_the_Floating_MaMoving on to the more special edition of Thailand are their floating markets! What started out as a way to efficiently use their large rivers to travel and sell their products turned into a popular tourist attraction today to visit. Piled high with fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and other items, Thailand’s boats are to be seen flowing through the river, usually in a bunch. Occasionally, they will stop at the sides of the river in order to let tourists examine their items and allow Thai-Floating-Market-No-2-Deep-Fried-Bananasthem to experience the culture of Thailand. However, these floating markets are not just here to simply sell their local fruits and vegetables. Some of these floating markets even go to be cooking street food right on their boat. That’s right! They somehow made on the tiny surface area of their boats, while on a water surface, while moving slowly! If that isn’t something to “WOW” about, I have no idea what else is. Thailand really does live up to the expectations of the public with its astonishing factors and amazing culture.



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