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Traveling to Canada: More Than Maple Syrup and Snow

As someone who lives in the United States of America, I hear a lot of talk of our neighboring country, Canada. The two countries share a deep, historical alliance and share the world’s longest unprotected border. Talk of Canada has gotten me to wonder whether traveling to Canada should be on my bucket list or not. With its diverse cultures and people, Canada is surely a perfect country to take into consideration when traveling. From the adventurous explorers to the food lovers, Canada has something to offer for people of all kinds. Canada is located in the North American continent and is the second largest nation in the world. The country has an area of approximately 3.855 million miles and is home to at least 35 million people. Through the country’s people, mouthwatering foods, and mesmerizing attractions, Canada is able to attract a vast selection of tourists from all over the world.

In Canada, travelers are able to experience what they usually see in nature documents and movies. Canada gives tourists an opportunity to explore their wild side. Canada is overflowing with Ski Slopesnatural beauty. Tourists are given the opportunity to ski the great snowy slopes in places such as Whistler Blackcomb and participate in other winter sports such as hockey across the country. A lot of Canadians take pride in their winter sports teams. In fact, the country’s hockey team is one of the strongest in the world. Sports aside, beautiful sights are abundant throughout Canada’s landscape. Due to its little to no light pollution in the northern regions of the country, there is a high chance that travelers will see the best natural light show in the world, the Aurora Borealis Northern Lights.jpg(Northern Lights). Canada is also not all snow and hockey based either. Located between Canada and the United States would be one of the most well known waterfalls in the world, the Niagara Falls. With the famous landmark, tourists are able to fly over in a helicopter, sail close, and walk behind the never ending waterfall. Besides the snowy wonderland and beautiful attractions listed above, there are plenty of other places in Canada that are worth a shot including Canada’s 44 national parks.

Canada is a country with great diversity. With such great diversity, there is outside influence that can be seen in Canada. A major example of so would be the architecture, food and, language. French Canadians make up about 20% of Canada’s population, resulting in French language designated as one of the official languages of Canada. Norte DameIn Quebec, where many of the French Canadians are located, tourists can catch a glimpse of the Notre Dame de Quebec and the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. The restaurant and bakeries travelers may stumble across also may have French influence. By traveling to Canada, people are able to encounter new faces and aspects of cultures that they may never meet in their home countries.

Besides influenced food, Canada does have food that originated within their own mighty country. Maple syrup, a well known product that nearly everyone knows and loves is massly produced in Canada. In fact, the country is responsible for 85% of the world’s supply of maple syrup. Poutine is another food that links back to Canada. It is often described as a comfort food where french fries (chips) are doused with gravy and cheese curds.poutine This dish is quite popular across Canada and the northern regions of the United States. Like the United States’ Dunkin’ Donuts, Canada has its own popular cafe chain known for its donuts and coffee, Tim Horton’s. Tim Horton’s is often claimed to be superior to its rival neighbor in the States by many, but it is the same vice versa. Whether or not its food may be the best to you, it is without a doubt that Canada does bring mouth-watering dishes to the table in the eyes of many.

In the end, Canada has everything a country needs in order to make it onto my must visit list. I do hope that I get the opportunity to take a step in such an amazing country with so much to offer me. Previously, without the research and knowledge, I didn’t really know Canada beyond snow and maple syrup.


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