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Canada: The Most Random Country

Ah, Canada, home to some of the nicest and most amazing people on Earth. Otherwise known for their massive love for hockey or maybe their ever so famous poutine, Canada is on their way to the top of fame. Pushing those aside though, I have to admit, there were a lot more

Canada’s Famous Poutine

things that Canada did that seemed to be really smart and weird at the same time. Only until recently did curiosity spark the time to go look around the block of Canada’s traditions and specialities. Starting off, there is, of course, Canada’s freezing temperatures, especially in the winter. While barely being able to withstand any temperature lower than 40ºF. Meanwhile, the hard core citizens of Canada go through a day in -40ºF in their winters as another regular day. That’s making the top three for coldest countries in the world! Not to mention that many Canadians think of lower temperatures like 10ºF to be normal, sometimes even wearing spring clothing in that weather. Nonetheless, the hard core Canadians take control of the extreme weather that comes their way every year in the best way, which will be featured in the next section.

Photo: posixeleni 2014 © (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Moreover the troubles from extreme weather and temperatures, the massive amount of snow that Canada gets every year is put to a pretty interesting use. Many canadians have the custom of maple taffy syrup sticks, in which they actually pouring hot maple syrup onto a patch of hot maple syrup onto a patch of clean snow to let it cool before rolling the maple syrup strip with a stick and eating it. The idea of eating maple syrup from off the snow seemed a bit odd to me at first, but it became something that increasingly made more sense and soon, seemed like a great idea. How could a country come up with something so unique to their own? Well, Canada really hit the jackpot for the most creative sweets idea. And it doesn’t just stop there with their maple syrup. With the high demand for Canada’s well known maple syrup, something big was bound to happen sooner or later, and so it did.

One of the most random and possibly the greatest thing I have ever come across the internet would have to be The Canadian Maple Syrup Heist. As a government official managed to figure out by accident that an abundant amount of maple syrup barrels had been filled with water instead of maple syrup, it had been far too late. The culprit ended up making it off with an staggering amount of 6 million barrels of syrup out of the government’s 10 million barrels reserve! Although the culprits were caught and found guilty later, the situation still raises so many questions that this whole thing seemed unbelievable. Canada’s association with maple syrup had just gone to another level after this. Although the situation itself was not exactly a good one, it was just too random to not include in here. And that concludes this somewhat small list of the massive amount of other mind-blowing things about Canada! Though Canada may seem like a happy and peaceful country on the outside, the actions that goes on the inside are so bewildering, which makes Canada one of the most random and best countries I’ve ever come across.


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