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Traveling to Italy

There are many places in the world I’d love to travel to. However, recently, the country of Italy has been brought to my attention. However, I’ve never 11461235996_376f0d4af5_zactually considered going to Italy in the first place. Other places have always appealed to me more. Other countries like France, Japan, and the Netherlands hold some of the amazing wonders I long to see. France has beautiful sights and treasures including the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Notre Dame de Paris.In addition, within France is an extremely famous city named Paris which is also known as one of the top fashion 25546580673_45b58948bb_zcapitals in the world. Japan is a country known for its blossoming cherry flowers in early April, great cuisine, and technology. While walking through Japan, vending machines are available at nearly every turn. They provide people with nearly everything one can ask for. Sake, beer, soft drinks, hot tea, coffee, and anything else you can possibly think of. The Netherlands is a country that holds some of the world’s most important historical treasures. For example, there’s the Anne Frank house and the Van Gogh Museum.

While I’ve never really considered Italy, I’ve always known that Italy was a wonderful place of beautiful sights and delightful adventures and activities. When the Renaissance started as a cultural movement in Italy, flowers of art and intellect6066255399_e490f30948_z bloomed. Italy has been blessed with wonderful, well-known artists, such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Art lovers worldwide respect Italy as one of most influential places for artistry. Italy is also known for its beautiful, lopsided masterpiece, the

Photo Girl 2015© (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Leaning Tower of Pisa. While the leaning tower of Pisa is also known for leaning to its side and not toppling, it is also known for its contribution in Galileo’s legend. The bell tower’s lopsided perfection makes it the perfect attraction for tourists to take pictures. In addition to all that, pizza, one of the world’s most popular fast foods, originated in Naples, Italy. To many, including myself, pizza can be described as a favorite food that can be eaten for nearly every occasion.

In addition to my prior knowledge of Italy, scrolling and browsing through social media showed me even more of Italy’s beauty. Through the media, I am shown such beautiful and tempting photos of Italy’s scenery and attractions. Instagram pages dedicated to the wonders of Italy like @yallersitalia and @gabryfab display and present all the wonderful sights and scenery that Italy has to offer. Twitter, another popular social platform has kept me updated on the news, lifestyle, cuisine, and scenery of Italy. Twitter accounts such as @WalksofItaly and @ItalyMagazine are perfect examples. Along with the social platforms, travel and information websites on the Internet gave me reasons as to why Italy is a great place to travel to.One website, known as Listoactive, provided a list of fifteen things Italy is known for.  

Everything I saw from the experience of others online and from the websites I visited started to convince me that Italy really was a place I’d love to travel to. I was show that there was more to Italian cuisine than pizza. GelatoFor example, there’s a wonderful sweet treat similar to ice cream referred to as gelato. There’s also a variety of pasta dishes and another mouthwatering dessert called tiramisu.In addition to the great cuisine, Milan, Italy is recognized as one of the top fashion capitals in the world. Top brands such as Gucci, 16191069562_4acd50e099_zPrada, and Armani all originate from Italy. As someone who likes fashion and shopping, Italy sounds like the ideal place. Within Italy, is a water based city called Venice.Venice, Italy is composed of about 117 miniature islands and regularly hosts nearly fifty thousand tourists every day. Canal rides through Venice as seen as romantic and are a popular hit for all tourists.

With both my prior knowledge and bit of research on Italy, I was completely convinced that Italy was a country I’d love to visit. After all, as an art lover, Italy’s famous artists and numerous art museums make the country very appealing. For example, there’s the Gallery of the Academy of Florence where artist Michelangelo’s famous statue, David is displayed. davidItaly satisfies my love for beautiful scenery and sights. With the canals of Venice, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum of Rome, Italy, and plenty more, it is without a doubt Italy houses some of the most beautiful and wonderful sights. Also, as a foodie, I can’t help but love Italian cuisine. After all, with a variety of pasta dishes like ravioli and spaghetti, sweet treats like tiramisu and gelato, and the king of fast foods, pizza, what foodie can resist Italy?


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