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Italy: Origins and Onward

There is a purpose and reason to every blog that is started, whether that is to entertain or for work. This particular blog out of many was meant to inform people about the cultures of other countries.  I, as well, have my own reasons that led to creating this blog with Katherine on educating others about cultures. Of course, there was a thought of informing others who were browsing around for entertainment or maybe even for one of their projects. But, it wasn’t until Italy was devastated by their many earthquakes in autumn of 2016 that I decided to take action.

Upon a first glance at Italy, I merely shrugged my shoulders and looked passed it, considering it as just another European country going through its history. I knew of its italy-earthquake-before-after-fb__700-png.jpgwell known stereotype of being the queen of fashion and food and and some of its major cities, but nothing about their culture, nor did I have the interest to look into it. The only other thing that I actually knew about Italy was their rough past with earthquakes that would hit them every so often. Especially about their tragedy with Pompeii, I express remorse and sympathy for the grief that they had to go through. However, back then, I can definitely state that I really didn’t have the right to be doing that since I never took the time to look into Italy’s country with the thought of supporting them in any way.

P-ITA 1079 by Daniele Aloisi/Italian Red Cross August 29, 2016 © (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

It was until the a strong earthquakes struck throughout autumn of 2016 that Italy finally got more attention from me and the world. It was finally then that a story of Italy’s rough history with earthquakes was shown internationally as well as their struggles now. From this point on, news reporters frantically raced to state the situation of the Italian cities hit by the large earthquakes including Montereale, Norcia, Rome, and many others. From the heart-breaking tales that were told also came the pictures of the torn-apart cities from the aftermath of the earthquakes. Ranging from police to Red Cross members helping the ones in need in times of utter chaos, it was even hard for me, someone who was safe from all those terrors, to view. It was especially the moment of the death and injury charts that made me think about the overall loss that Italy has suffered due to these natural disasters that can happen at anytime, anywhere.

After that experience, I began to see Italy in a new perspective through both of their sides of advancement and tragedy. For starters, I got past the stereotypical picture of Italy being only about pasta, thankfully. Getting somewhere, I decided to finally take the time and sit down to discover more about Italy’s history that I’ve been missing out on this whole time, viewing deeper into their arts and cuisine as well as history, economic influences and their overall achievements. Doing this, I realized that there was so much more to a culture rather than what its outside image portrays. For example, did you know that Italy was the country to invent the piano, one of the most sophisticated and beautiful instruments known today? Well, if you didn’t already know many famous pianists that originated from Italy, then fun fact! Anyways, getting back to the story at hand, I began to ponder on the reason for a country to be appreciated. Why does a country and its people have to go through a tragedy before getting recognition for its past contributions?  That wasn’t fair at all, getting praised for their works in a time of crisis and terror instead at the designated time before? Wanting to make a change to this, I managed to grasp onto a chance to finally go through with a decision of no regret.

Flash forward to a few months later, I now fully appreciate a country’s advancements and their contributions to this world. Despite their front image, a country’s struggles should be known as well as their goals to show that they are a country that is going through the hardships that we have to go through as well. Here is where the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” comes into play as one should always check the background and history of a country and its people before assuming things or judging them based on first appearances. I presently continue my research of varying cultures as both a hobby and education that I can hopefully pass on through this blog. Of course, I will occasionally post about my opinions on something of that country, but only if it’s something I have to et off my mind :). Thus, the origin for joining this blog will continue forward as I can share my knowledge with others.


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