French Visual Arts

Bonjour! We’re going onwards this time to discover the arts of France! Although many may just associate France with baguettes or The Eiffel Tower, but the it also has a vast history of their early arts, which will be the main focus this time. During its early history, France went tdownload (1)hrough the Paleolithic Age, where the southwestern parts of France created Paleolithic Cave Art. This type of art included a variety of techniques including painting with fingers or sticks, dabbing, sketching with coal, or spray painting through hollow bone. Their paleolithic art seemed to revolve around animals, horses being drawn the most. At the Lascaux Cave, this particular era of art including other eras can be found inside. Although this cave has been closed down in order to preserve the deteriorating paintings inside, some believe that this cave was used for rituals from the lack of human habitation evidence.

Moving onto another period of French art, we have the Gothic Period! Lasting from the 12th century to the 15th century, the architecture and art in this era was mainly focuseddownload around idealization and naturalism, despite the meaning of its name today. Influenced by Norman architecture, the Gothic architecture style differed from its preceding era, the Romanesque Period. Instead of putting focus onto small and heavy masses, the Gothic architecture focused on giving a more free and flowing message. Pointed arches and slender columns were also an important element in Gothic architecture, which helped define the new and flamboyant buildings of France. Architectures were now able to explore more complex and intricate ways of design and play with it. Although this idea of creativity was put to an end by the Classical Era that came after, many of France’s most beautiful churches are from this era.


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