Say “Bonjour!” to French Foods

French cuisine is extremely popular and can be found in many different countries around the world. The most popular known food from France are baguettes. In fact, every year, roughly ten billion baguettes are produced and sold in France.Image result for french baguette in franceBaguettes are loaves of bread that tend to be crispy, 5-6 centimeters wide, and can up be to a meter long in size. Baguettes can either be part of a starter course or the main course. However, when people think of French cuisine, they first think of French fries, believing it is the most popular of the cuisine. Though “French” may be part of its name, it did not originate in France. French fries can be traced back to Belgium, Germany in the late 1600s. Though French fries are not from France, the country has still gifted the world with dishes like crème brûlée, the crêpe, éclairs, macarons, ratatouille, and escargots.

Crème brûlée is a popular dessert, known for its vanilla custard base and hard caramel top layer.  The name “creme brulee” translates to “burnt cream.” In many places, creme brulee is caramelized with the use of heat before it is served. The caramel itself may be served separately or directly on the custard. Typically, creme brulee is served in ramekins. Ramekins are small ceramic bowls usually used for serving foods.

Crêpes are thin pancakes that can be eaten for any meal of the day, depending on what fillings they contain. For example, savory fillings such as eggs, truffles, ham, or cheese are eaten for lunch or dinner. Crêpes containing sweet fillings like syrup, whipped cream, fruits, or custard tend to be eaten for breakfast and for dessert. Crêpes are made with the use of large spread out circular pans and with bits of vegetable oil and butter on the surface. Since crêpes are very thin, not much batter is used.

Image result for eclairs in franceÉclairs originated in France in the nineteenth century. Éclairs are long pastries filled on the inside with cream. On top, éclairs usually have icing. The cream that is used to fill éclairs comes in all sorts of flavors, the most popular being vanilla, chocolate, or coffee custard. The name can be translated to “flash of lightning,” for it is meant to be eaten quickly. When being made, the dough is piped into an oblong shape. From then, it is baked until it turns nice and crisp.

Macarons are two meringue cookies sandwiched together Image result for macarons in francewith fillings. The cookies and the fillings are known to come in all different sorts of flavors. Often times, the cookies have a hard, crisp shell, but once they are bitten into, they tend to be soft and chewy. Many fail to notice the difference between macarons and macaroons. While macarons are sandwich like cookies, macaroons are sweet, tasty lumps of coconut shreds and condensed milk.  

Ratatouille may be the name of the well known Disney film about a rat and his dreams of becoming a chef, but it is also a well known French stew. The popular French stew contains a variety of vegetables like onions, eggplant, bell peppers, and zucchini. Most of the time, the vegetables are recommended to be cooked separately and then later be combined with the rest of the stew in order to maintain a creamy consistency.

Escargots is a French dish involving snails. Each year in France, roughly 500 million snails are consumed by its population. The name “escargot” is a French word that can be translated to “edible snail.” Not all snails are edible. It all depends on the type of snail and its flesh. The snails are usually killed and removed from their shells. They are cooked with garlic, chicken soup, or wine. After the cooking process, they are put back into their shells to be served. Sometimes, the shell may even be slathered with butter as well. Escargots are pretty high in protein and low in fats.


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