Down the Streets of Mexico

¡Hola amigos! Today, we visit the vivacious county of Mexico and its mouth watering street foods. To many, Mexican street food is the best part and most diverse part of Mexican cuisine. Street food is food sold by vendors in public locations, like streets. Many food sold by vendors are ready for immediate consumption right after the purchase. Mexican street food is a worldwide favorite. In fact, Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, was declared among the top ten cities to visit for street food by Forbes, a business magazine. Most street foods found in the country of Mexico include tacos, quesadillas, tamales, raspados, and elotes.

Tacos are a type of finger food that can be found in Mexico and now other pImage result for real tacoslaces of the world. The dish has gained popularity and has spread throughout. Variations of the traditional Mexican dish are often made to fit in with cultural preferences. Traditionally in Mexico, tacos are started with a tortilla, preferably made of wheat or corn. Tacos are then filled with whatever the consumer desires. Typically, there’s a variation of meats, vegetables, and toppings. Well known fillings would include, beef, pork, chicken, cheese, tomatoes, avocado, lettuce, or seafood. Often times, tacos are served alongside, guacamole, salsa, or onions. With different kinds and choices of tacos, tourists and locals have plenty to choose from and enjoy.

Image result for real quesadillaUnlike what many foreigners believe, quesadillas do not only include cheese. Quesadillas can often include mushrooms, beef, potatoes, or chicken. The fillings are put between tortillas and are grilled to perfection. Although quesadillas share a similar concept with tacos, the difference can be found by the quesadillas’ longer tortilla. In addition to the quesadilla itself, it can be often seen topped off with guacamole, salsa, onions, or cilantro. Overtime, quesadillas have adapted to social and cultural preferences and can now be seen deep-fried or put in griddles.

Tamales are also a very well known favorite. Although tamales can be eaten any time of the day, in Mexico City, tamales are typically eaten for breakfast. Tamales are made with masa (dough) from corn and are typically wrapped in corn husks. Image result for tamales cooking processToday, tamales are seen stuffed with pork, salsa, sauces, or chicken. In the streets of Mexico, it is considered a comfort food and is often times served with atole, a hot drink made from made from cornmeal. Whatever fillings included in the tamal depend on the part of the country you are visiting. Nearly every state in the country of Mexico has its own variations of the tamal.

Raspados are quite simple. They are basically the Mexican version of snow cones. The word “raspado” literally means “shaved.” The shaved ice is later flavored with syrups of the consumer’s choice. Popular syrup choices in Mexico include Mexican eggnog, lime, mango, or strawberry. Street vendors tend to make raspados spicier and more sour with the use of chili powder and lime juice.

In Mexico, elotes are a very popular street food. Elotes are either boiled or grilled corn topped off with condiments. Most of the time, elotes are consumed on sticks and or just holding it with your hands. Condiments found on elotes would include sour cream, mayonnaise, chili powder, lime, or salt. While simple, many people enjoy and crave for elotes.


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