Welcome aboard!

Hello everyone! This is the start of a new culture blog in which I am very excited about! My name is Kim, and Katherine (the main admin) and I will be running this culture blog. Katherine will be focusing on the eye-opening history and foods of a culture, and I will be in charge of spreading the amazing arts it has, both visual and performing. This can range from paintings and drawings to dances to the instruments that create their music and more! Along with arts, I may pop in a few random facts here and there to spice things up. Yes, they’ll most likely  connect with the category of arts, but the creativity of a culture’s arts is exactly what makes them so fun! Back to the blog, Katherine and I will choose a certain country to explore each time we post. We will most likely move onto a new country after every time we post to discover the most we can about this world. I am so thrilled to be exploring cultures, and sharing it will all of you! I look forward to everyone having a great time here, and I will see you next time in our first cultural post!


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