Hello and welcome to this brand new culture blog! I’m Katherine, one of the two administrators of this blog. While Kim, the other administrator, will be focusing on the different aspects of art around the world, my posts will revolve around the foods and history of the world. While I am not an expert in either blogging or the cultures around the world, I will try my very best to spread my love for the knowledge behind the familiar faces we often see around us. Like many others, I absolutely love food. I’d be honored to have the chance to write about the different colorful dishes that the world has to offer. Also, I have a burning passion for history. Although many people seem to dismiss it, I believe history is a powerful tool. As human beings, we all have a past that got us to where we are today. We’ve made plenty mistakes as well as great accomplishments. History can give us an idea as to how people have struggled and strived to where they are today. Every human has their own story and legacy to tell. In this blog, I will be talking about different groups of people and the events that they have gone through. Along with history, I may throw in some interesting aspects of different cultures that I believe make each one unique. I am very thrilled to be able to take my own virtual journey to explore the people of the world. I hope you stick around to see plenty more to come!


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