Belgium: Capital of Food and Creations

Ah, good old Belgium and its wide array of delicious waffles that almost everyone would crave. Being one of their most iconic food items in the United States, many would think that we already know everything about the Belgian waffles (that they’re waffles and from Belgium). Well, dear audience, here’s the reality. Belgium waffles are…… Continue reading Belgium: Capital of Food and Creations


Waffles vs. Pancakes – Belgian Waffle

There’s been a long time debate between people who prefer waffles and those who prefer pancakes. Pancakes are floppy, spongy cakes that are easy and fun to make in the kitchen. Waffles, on the other hand, are crispy on the outside and light on the inside. Unlike pancakes, people only tend to make waffles when…… Continue reading Waffles vs. Pancakes – Belgian Waffle

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Japan: Square Watermelons to Wearable Tomatoes???

Taking a look at the beloved Japan that this blog has visited once, I’m back once again to delve deeper into their more . . . interesting side of society. I’ve always wondered about the random gadgets that Japan has come up with, especially in the last few decades. Japan covers a large variety of…… Continue reading Japan: Square Watermelons to Wearable Tomatoes???

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Japan – Anime, Food, and Vending Machines Galore!

I have sometimes wondered about traveling to Japan. In my opinion, out of the hundreds of wonderful countries and places in the world for travel, Japan has some of the most amazing features and attractions. Growing up, I spent my time reading manga, watching anime, and trying to draw my favorite characters, though I failed…… Continue reading Japan – Anime, Food, and Vending Machines Galore!


Australia – To Travel or Not to Travel?

Australia is an island, a country, and a continent. It is considered to be a part of the southern Pacific Ocean and is neighbored by other islands, including New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, and Indonesia. It is home to a population of roughly 23 million people and is considered sparsely populated. The country…… Continue reading Australia – To Travel or Not to Travel?

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Thailand: (Sugar?) Spice and Everything Nice

Now you all may know Thailand as the country with many temples or land of a thousand smiles, which is pretty true as it goes. However, there is so much inside the depths of Thailand that is ready to be explored. But, before we start, let’s add in a little fun fact to set things…… Continue reading Thailand: (Sugar?) Spice and Everything Nice